Community Mosaic Projects

Finchley Progressive Synagogue Community Project 


Community mosaics, led by the mosaic artist,  involve the whole community.

Strengthening and enhancing community cohesion, a sense of accomplishment, fun , as well as adorning and beautifying the environment or community centre.



The Finchley Progressive Synagogue community project involved the whole community on Generations Day, celebrating 60 years since the synagogue was founded.

We made a pomegranate tree, celebrating life, prosperity, continuity and beauty.

see links : the tree of life- mosaic pomegranate tree- 29 November 2013.


The Larches Trust Community Project

A Community Mosaic Project made for the Larches Trust 2016.
 The Larches is an organisation for adults with autism and learning difficulties. More than 40 people were involved in making the mosaic.
The final mosaic Peace tree measure 4.5 meters wide and 1.5 meters high. It is installed in the Larches community Centre and will eventually be installed in the purpose built new building for the Larches.